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Contractor Referral Requiements

Contractor Requirements

We are extremely pleased to offer you the opportunity to become an H & H Roofing Supply Preferred Contractor. We provide this program FREE of charge. Of course, all contractor information is kept private and secure.

We require you to meet the following conditions to become a member of our Contractor Referral Program:

  • Have a valid C-39 license in good standing.

  • Have valid certificates of insurance for both liability and Worker's Compensation.

  • Be ready to provide written contracts to customers.

  • Be able and willing to obtain any required permits. 

  • Have available a list of references from former customers in your area.

  • Respond to any H & H Roofing Supply referrals with immediate follow-up.

  • If you are too busy to follow-up on a referral, notify H & H immediately.

  • Be willing to provide customers with material and labor lien releases. 

  • Have a good reputation in the roofing community, without repeated complaints from homeowners or building owners. 

  • Have installers that are fully qualified to install the types of roofing materials specified in the referral.

  • Use your best crews when installing H & H Roofing Supply referred work.

  • On referrals which are successfully bid and become a roof or re-roof project, the contractor is to use H & H Roofing Supply as the supplier of all the roofing materials, flashings and accessories on the project.

  • Don't try to "down-grade" the product the consumer has selected unless the customer clearly wants a "cheaper" product, in which case select from another of H & H Roofing Supply's materials.

  • Follow any written specifications provided on projects including specific materials or accessories requested, and install all products according to the manufacturers written instructions and/or the local Building Code, whichever is greater being the minimum standard.

  • Once starting a project, work steadily on the project to complete the job as efficiently as possible (weather permitting), and represent the ultimate in professional conduct when on the jobsites.

Please call or text us at (661) 831-1044 to check your eligibility or to start the process of becoming on of our "Good Guys".

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